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A simple, straightforward and intuitive style

Twenty years after qualifying with a Diploma in Acupuncture from the Northern College of Acupuncture, Sarah Nolan still feels inspired and privileged to practise a skill which can be of such benefit to many people. From fertility problems and health issues, to stress, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, Sarah has been changing lives for many years, and with an extensive level of knowledge in wellbeing, you can rely on Sarah to listen to and support you in finding ways to live as freely and energetically as possible.

Sarah has a number of qualifications, including; BA (Hons), RGN (Registered General Nurse), Dip Ac (Diploma of Acupuncture) and Dip Y (Diploma of Yoga). She has a western medical background from nursing at St. James University Hospital Leeds, and has provided acupuncture for a diverse range of clients, including carers (MACA), various HIV/AIDS projects in Leeds and Wakefield, and substance users dealing with addiction issues.

Sarah was also affiliated for several years to the Zita West network for Reproductive Health, which specialises in treating women and men with issues around fertility and assisted Conception (IVF).

Sarah is a personable character, a great listener, and someone who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. Having dealt with clients of all ages and from all backgrounds, you can rely on Sarah to provide you with a truly bespoke treatment.

For more information, or for a friendly chat, please call Sarah on either 07906 747213 or 01132 697474. will never sell data to a 3rd party and will only ever use personal details to contact customers in line with their preferences. By clicking ‘Send message’ you are happy for to contact you by email only.

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