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Balance, Health and Wellbeing with Feng Shui in Leeds

The ancient concept of Feng Shui helps to create a smooth, positive flow of energy at properties in Leeds under the expertise of Sarah Nolan (MBAcC). Alongside her yoga classes and acupuncture clinics, Feng Shui is one of Sarah’s many talents. Her use of this ancient art form creates balance through stress relief, and helps with emotional or health problems.


With over 20 years of holistic experience, Sarah holds yoga classes and acupuncture clinics, and provides Chinese medicine treatments, at different locations across the Leeds area. With Feng Shui, Sarah brings her expertise into the homes and workplaces of her clients personally, and at a much more personal and intimate level.

Feng Shui for Homes

Creating environments for good living is about more than just decorating and furnishing a home in Leeds. Light, colour, space and form all have different influences which can affect us both physically and emotionally. These elements strengthen and empower us, but they can also cause us stress and despair when they are not perfectly aligned.


Using Feng Shui at your Leeds home, Sarah Nolan identifies the areas where small adjustments can add a wider range of benefits. By identifying geopathic stress and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome), Feng Shui locates blockages in vital energy flow. Much like acupuncture clinics and yoga classes, which assist in stress relief, fatigue, sleep problems and poor concentration, Feng Shui is proven to benefit Sarah’s many personal clients in Leeds.

Feng Shui for Businesses

More and more companies in the Leeds area use Feng Shui to inspire success and financial reward in the workplace. As an increasing number of managers and company directors recognise the need to adapt quickly to change and the demands of the global market, Feng Shui now plays a vital role in building solid foundations for effective and stable business.


Sarah Nolan helps clients in Leeds to achieve a comfortable, stress-free work environment. Greater job satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, increased profitability, improved teamwork, better staff interaction and higher morale can all be attributed to Feng Shui.

• Full Assessment of Client Needs

• Full Assessment of the Property

• Property History Review

• Feng Shui Corrections by Space Clearing

• 20 Years of Feng Shui, Acupuncture and Yoga Experience

• Covering Leeds and all Surrounding Areas

To find out how Feng Shui can help with stress relief or improve profitability in any Leeds home or workplace,

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