Creating a Smooth, Positive Flow of Energy

It takes more than just decorating and furnishing your home or business to create a good living or working environment. Light, colour, space and form all have different influences which can affect us both physically and emotionally, as can the energy lines, or lines of geopathic stress within the earth itself.

Like acupuncture for the body , Feng Shui works to create a smooth flow of energy within a space, paying particular attention to supporting any areas of your life that are out of balance. Work can be done to clear blockages and boost particular aspects of your life, including career, wealth and health, relationships and creativity. Your life can be changed for the better.

Sarah Nolan provides advice to clients who wish to arrange their home or workplace for a smoother, more harmonious, more abundant life.

If you’re interested in how Sarah can help you, please call either 07906 747213 or 01132 697474, and a pack will be sent out for you to draw a plan of your floorspace/room. Following this Sarah will arrange a visit which will last two to four hours, where she will suggest improvements that can be made, enabling you to live harmoniously.

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Contact Information
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