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"Sarah Nolan was recommended to me as one of the most experienced acupuncturists in Leeds and I had regular sessions with her for four months. I was completely new to acupuncture but she soon put my mind at rest and the sessions were relaxing. Best of all the reason I went for acupuncture seems to have paid off. I AM EXPECTING A BABY IN JULY."


"I attended acupuncture after months of ill health and a variety of aches and pains, feeling stressed and exhausted. I had also suffered with chronic insomnia for a decade. It's fair to say that I was at the end of my tether, and very low. Since having acupuncture, I am back to full health and enjoying restful sleep for the first time in years. I cannot believe how my energy levels have improved and I'm now training for a marathon. I am also more emotionally resilient than before, and generally feel calmer and more content. I can't thank enough Sarah though. I really believe that acupuncture treatment has given me back my quality of life."

"Thanks Sarah for your healing needle, positive feedback and intuition."


"Sarah has given me my life back! Six years ago I was living life to the full, working looking after my grandchildren and running half marathons then I injured my spine which left me in constant pain unable to sleep, run travel or enjoy playing with my grandchildren and dependent on tramadol (A strong pain killer) I had two pain killing injections into my spine but with very little relief. In 2012 I was invited to take part in a clinical trial and this was when I met Sarah Nolan. I have to say I wasn’t keen on the idea of acupuncture but I have been proven wrong. The first few sessions left me drained but over the next few weeks the pain subsided, my energy levels increased and I began to get 4-6 hours continuous sleep each night. Now I rarely have pain, can enjoy going on holiday with my husband and playing with the grandchildren. I almost have my life back – the only thing I can’t do is run half marathons any more. I can’t thank Sarah enough & I would highly recommend her (and acupuncture) to anyone."