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Yoga Classes in Leeds for Peace of Mind and Wellbeing

Yoga Classes Available:

Thursdays 11 - 12.15 at Adel Friends Meeting House


- Subsided by OPAL (Alder Peoples action in the Locality)

- Anyone and everyone over 50 welcome

Fridays 12.30 - 1.30 at Friends Meeting House


- 136 Street Lane,

Moortown, LS8 2BW

(It would be helpful if you could contact Sarah Nolan before coming, but all classes are drop-in, no need for pre-booking.)

Sarah Nolan (MBAcC) is a specialist in the ancient tradition of Dru Yoga, helping clients in Leeds of all ages to achieve a fuller state of mind and wellbeing. As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, Sarah holds yoga classes to keep the body in a state of flexibility and balance. Yoga also helps to ease a range of physical and emotional issues, especially for individuals from the Leeds area in need of back pain relief, neck pain relief and stress relief.


Yoga classes are also suitable for individuals in the Leeds area who are suffering from anxiety or simply feeling at a low ebb – both common issues in a busy modern age.


Sarah’s fresh, enthusiastic approach helps to free the bodies and minds of many clients from the Leeds area through combined use of exercise, breathing and meditation. Sarah’s main objective is to maintain and improve health while helping the individual to achieve a full, flexible life. Yoga classes in Leeds are held in groups or on a one-to-one basis.

Yoga Classes Tailored to Client Needs

Much like the Chinese medicine practices she uses, Sarah’s yoga is tailored to your needs. If you feel the impact of day-to-day life or wish to benefit from back or neck pain relief, the yoga classes Sarah’s hold at multiple locations across Leeds will alleviate any issues you may have, while bringing inner calm, tranquillity and stress relief to help you move forward.


One of the most significant elements of Dru Yoga is Energy Block Release Sequences (EBR). The release of energy blockages has a powerful effect in relieving neck pain, stress and other aspects of poor health. Through Dru Yoga classes and EBR, Sarah’s clients in Leeds will experience a Zen-like calm and a marked improvement in their personal wellbeing.

Yoga for Everybody from Sarah Nolan

Anybody from Leeds or the surrounding areas can take part in yoga classes with Sarah Nolan. There are no age limits or levels of fitness required. The Dru Yoga soft-body approach utilises stress antidotes to a deeper level. As body, mind and emotions are all connected, they combine to affect your mental state for better or worse. By improving the body’s mobility through yoga classes, a happier emotional and mental state is achieved.


Neck pain relief, back pain relief and stress relief are just three expected benefits.


The potent form of yoga, based on soft flowing movements, breathing and visualisation, is available at all of Sarah’s yoga classes in Leeds. Sarah also offers Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Feng Shui services to clients in the area. With over 20 year of experience behind her, Sarah Nolan is the one name you can certainly trust.

Call 0113 269 7474 now to book an appointment at one of Sarah’s yoga classes in Leeds. Yoga can help with stress relief, neck pain relief and many other health issues.